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Ross Hayes (aka Geller) and his partners in crime, Phil and Suave, just attended a basketball game betwixt the Heatley School Faculty and Fly92. The game took place on Febuary 28 in Green Island, New York. The trip up to Green Island was highly invigorating because while Ross was allowed to ride with Brian Cody and another intern named "Pretty Boy" (which I refuse to call him), I was forced to ride with Phil in Fransisco.

Francisco was Ross' new car at the time. After Clark died, Ross was forced to buy another car and he ended up getting a red Beretta that he named "Francisco, the wooer of women" which must be said in a bad spanish accent.

Ross knows Fransisco, he has been driving Fransisco for many months, Phil does not know Fransisco... At all. Phil learned that the gas pedal doesn't take much effort to push down, because we were going 70 in a 55 mph lane. Then he realized that the mirrors weren't aligned to his height, and almost caused an eighteen car pile up when he madly pulled out into the opposite lane while another car was currently occupying that lane.

Phil laughed... Suave screamed!

We finally reached the school after riding in a circle and being told by Brain Cody that he messed up and led us in the wrong direction [They are DJ's not rocket scientists]. Heatley school is a small school, in a small town. The school takes care of every grade, from Kindergarten to 12th. There was a maze of chain link fence by the entrance that took two minutes to navigate, (six minutes for Phil, he got lost) and it had a large river behind it. So, in short, the school scared me.

When we got in, the children ran at us asking for our signatures. Well, truth be told they wanted the actual people who were on the radio to sign their books, but Suave and Phil decided that there was no harm in pretending to be famous.

The game was kinda fast and not really furious but the score was really close all the way through. The fourth quarter ended at 72 to 72, and after a three minute over time, the final score was 81 Heatley School, 90 Fly92.

And here are Ross' statistics: (according to Ross)

Points: 45
Steals: 14
Assists: 21
Fouls: 0
Fouled on: 0

And these are his real life stats:

Points: ZERO!
Steals: 3
Assists: 2
Fouls: 2 [He fouled once the first minute in the game! Go Ross!]
Fouled on: 1

A fun time was had by all, even though the food cost too much. But Suave was given a free CD of the Smashing Pumpkins that he quickly lost because he hates them.