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It was around twelve o'clock and Ross was driving home from the Fly 92 Radio station in his new car, Francisco. It was really late so Ross decided to GUN IT! Gun it Ross, Gun it! So there he is, cruising at a cool 60 mph in a 30 mph zone, when out of the corner of his eye he sees a police car turning the corner a little ways behind him. Half a second later the lights and siren turn on. Now Ross is on the run from the law!

Quickly, our little speed demon decides on possible courses of action. He could pull over and receive the ticket he so richly deserves, he could round the corner, screech his car to a halt, and stop the engine and turn off the lights there by evading the grasp of "The Man". Or, he could speed up! What do you think Ross did? That's right, he sped up! Eventually the cop caught up with him, and pulled him over. The cop asked for his license, Ross gave it to him. When Ross reached into the glove compartment to get his registration, the copper screamed,


Ross freaked out and grabbed the wheel. What was in the glove compartment you ask? Well, there were a few things that transferred themselves over to Francisco from Clark. On of them was the Foot Gas Pedal, another was the mass amounts of audio tapes, and the third was a small replica of a colonial black powder hammerlock cap-gun! That was given unto him by Suave (Bad Suave! BAD!) The cop thought that Ross was going to take the gun and shoot him with it... After the cop searched the gun, and snapped it many times, he let Ross go with a warning. So the moral of the story is either:

"Don't accept gifts from Suave, because they are bound to get you in trouble"


"Schenectady cops aren't too smart"

You decide and then apply it to your life as necessary.