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This is the links page, I take great pride in the links that I put up on this page because there are alot of things out there on the internet that are fun and interesting and there is also alot of crap out there. Hopefully I found some things that were fun and exciting and not total crap. I compiled a list of them here and I put them into these three simple categories:

Repeaters - Now and Thens - One Night Stands

Repeaters - Sites good enough to keep my attention long enough to go back many times over a period of weeks! Very high honor!

Now And Thens - Sites that I check in on every once and a while to just see if they have anything knew or interesting. Possible promotion to Repeater.

One Night Stands - Sites that I thought were pretty good at the time and worthy to go up on ye ol' pit stops page. Hardly ever become anything other than a One Night Stand...


My Diary
OK, so this is another one of my pages, but who ever said self promotion was a bad thing?

Naked Eric
My webcam. Hmm, more self promotion. I swear, I'm not obsessed with myself!

AL's Diary
My gal pal's diary. She hardly updates it but I did the site design which makes it mad cool!

Big Orange Crayon
My friend Nick's site. Go there and learn about music you need to be friends with.

Funny + early 80's + tits = Seanbaby


Adventure Game Studio

Wanted Fonts


Zany Video Game Quotes

Bob the Angry Flower

Jerkbox and Punk'nhead


Baron Von Ass and the Gnome

The Onion


Old Man Murray