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Ross takes no shit! Hey! Why are you getting so nosey as to where Clark has been? Do you work for the KGB? You're eyes look a little shifty, like you are up to something... Hmm, not talking, eh? Well, we'll trust you for now but any sign of trouble and you just watch it!

King's Buffet a.k.a. Mecca

Phil's House

Suave's House

Crossgates Mall

Rotterdam Mall

Mohawk Mall

Colonie Center

Sacandaga Lake

Lake George

Jame's House

Great Escape

New School of TV and Radio (it's anarchy!)

Old Country Buffet

Kelly's House

Collins Park

Dave's House

Chris' House

Michelle's House

Matt's House

Hillhurst Park

The Highways and Biways of America!

Pro Billiards

Downtown Albany

Schenectady High School

Central Park

Noah's House

Union Street

That Karate Place

Downtown Library

Ellis Hospital

Video Rental Store


Burger King (The Big King's the Bomb!!)


Western Diner

Proctors Theater

In The Grubby Hands of a Theif


Car Heaven